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Room for the Rivier in a flash. What's happening? With rivers losing space, flood hazards are increasing in the Netherlands. The rivers are sandwiched between ever higher dykes – sheltering growing populations. Meanwhile, the land behind the dykes is subsiding apace. And with rain becoming both heavier and more frequent, there is more water for the rivers to handle. This means rising water levels and a greater chance of flooding – add to this a major impact on residents, livestock, infrastructure and the economy. 1995: A quarter-million evacuees. Extreme levels and the borderline floodwaters of 1993 and 1995 in the country's river region were a serious warning signal: 1995 in particular marked a narrowly averted disaster. A quarter of a million people and a million head of livestock had to be evacuated.New approach to flood protection. Higher dykes are not enough to avert the increasing danger of floods. Water levels must be reduced. To this end the Dutch government is taking action to better protect the river region from flooding. At more than 30 locations rivers will be granted more 'elbow room'. Together these measures form the national Room for the River programme. This unique programme involves Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management), municipalities and provincial executives – with the aim of ensuring safety for four million residents. The end result will be a safe and attractive river region in 2015. Economic motor. Alongside safety, Room for the River is also good for the economy. On one hand the programme creates local potential – like the new leisure openings at the Millingerwaard. Meanwhile in Nijmegen, river widening is part of an urban leisure plan in the region. In Overdiep agricultural restructuring is promoting more profitable operations – and at the Avelingen industrial park there is a boost for sustainable transport on the river. On the other hand the national economy is welcoming a lift from the order book for the hydraulic construction sector for real project realizations.
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